Frequently Asked Questions


How can I quickly look through all the different sticker packs?

In the Sticker Shop when viewing the details of a sticker pack, you can swipe left and right to move between sticker packs without having to go back to the list view of all the sticker packs.

How do I share stickers on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?
On Android, it’s the same steps to share on these social networks as any of the other supported apps. On iOS, these apps do not support pasting images from the clipboard. To share stickers on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ on iOS devices simply tap and hold the sticker you want to share and a dialog will appear for you to select Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Select the social network you want to share with and follow the on-screen instructions as emojiTap will share the chosen sticker to the selected social network directly versus pasting from the clipboard.
How do I add stickers to photos directly in the Photos App on iOS?

On iOS, emojiTap is now also a Photo Extension. This means that you can add stickers to photos directly in Apple’s built in Photos App versus through the emojiTap App. To do this simply go into the Photos App (the Camera Roll as many still like to call it) and select the photo you’d like to add stickers to. Tap the Edit button on the top right. This is Apple’s built in photo editing tool. To get to the emojiTap photo tool simply tap the button with 3 dots in a circle. If you do not see the emojiTap icon listed here, tap the More button. This will list all the Photo Extensions you have installed on your device and allows you to turn them on and off. Turn emojiTap on and tap Done. Once on, the emojiTap icon will now be present  and you can tap it to add stickers to photos in the exact way you do directly in the emojiTap app. If you decide you no longer want those stickers on the photo, simply go back into Apple’s photo editing tool and you’ll now see a revert button which will return the photo to it’s original state.

On Android how do I get rid of the floating emojiTap icon?
On OS version 5 and higher, Android now blocks the call that allowed emojiTap to only show the floating icon on apps that support sharing via emojiTap. If you don’t want the floating icon always visible, you can go into the emojiTap app and tap the menu button at the top right (3 vertical dots), then select Settings. In the dialog that comes up you’ll see the option to turn this feature on and off. You can also tap, hold, and drag the floating icon anywhere you want on the screen to get it out of the way if you want to keep this feature on.
On iOS when typing on the text keyboard sometimes I accidentally tap a tab. Is there any way to prevent this?

Yes! You can simply swipe down on the text keyboard to remove the bottom tab bar and increase the size of the keyboard. Simply swipe up on the text keyboard to show the tab bar again. You can also do this on any of the sticker keyboards which will increase it’s size and show the stickers a little larger.

I accidentally deleted my app and had to reinstall emojiTap. All my downloaded packs are now gone. How do I get them back?

In the emojiTap app go into the Sticker Shop. At the bottom of the screen there is a Restore Purchases button. Use this button to restore all your previously installed sticker packs.

I downloaded a pack and don’t see it in the keyboard (iOS) / app (Android). Where’s my pack?
Each brand gets its own tab represented by an icon in the interface where all the stickers you download for that brand get saved. There are three possible reasons you’re not seeing the pack.

1) The download or purchase of the pack failed. Check this item in the Sticker Store and if the button for the item has a price then the purchase was not successful. You have not been charged and will need to try again. If the button says “Download” then the purchase was successful however the pack did not download successfully. Press the Download button to download the pack.

2) If you have more tabs than can be displayed in the available area, the tab area becomes scrollable. It’s possible you are just not seeing the tab because it is off the screen. Simply swipe left and right in the tab area and this area will scroll to show you all your other available tabs.

3) Each brand gets it’s own tab therefore brands with multiple packs all get installed under the same tab. If for example you have already bought a Stick World pack and have a tab for it, the next Stick World pack you buy will get installed under the same tab as the original pack you bought.

If none of these reasons apply to you, please contact us and we’ll be glad to work with you to find out why you’re not seeing your downloaded pack.

Why can I not use emojiTap stickers in some applications?
Some applications block the use of images from outside their application. In iOS, if an app does not support the ability to paste an image from the clipboard, then emojiTap will not be able to share a sticker with that app. In Android if an application has not opened up the ability to send images to third party applications, then emojiTap will not be able to share a sticker with that app.
In iOS, why does emojiTap require full access to properly function? Are you storing what I’m typing?
The emojiTap Keyboard does not transmit or store anything you type, as Apple’s warning message may lead you to think. That warning message (which is displayed after allowing full access) is there to make sure you are aware of what technically is possible before making a decision about whether to trust the developer of a keyboard extension. Nothing you type is collected or gathered by the emojiTap keyboard. We require this permission in order to access all the sticker packs you download from the Sticker Store which are stored in the emojiTap app. A keyboard extension requires this permission to access data from its “container” app, in our case this is the emojiTap app which stores all the stickers.
I love emojiTap and want to give you some feedback on ideas and improvements to make it even better!

We’d love to hear from you! We want to make emojiTap the best it can be so please reach out to us via Contact Us and give us your feedback.